Week One Done

Good morning, everyone! Just completed week one of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and today, I am on day 8.  My energy has soared to new heights today and I’m feeling like I could pretty much do cart-wheels, except for the fact that I really suck at them! That’s how good I am feeling today! Results … More Week One Done

Time for a Tune Up

[First, I gotta preface this post by saying, “HOLY SHNIKES, TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY?!” Indeed! I am, after all, trying to use this WordPress thing more often. If for anyone’s benefit, it’s my own. It’s nice to see my thoughts on “paper.”] In my free time as of late, I’ve been busily working away … More Time for a Tune Up

Mission Completed!

What a very fun weekend, my friends. I’m sending total kudos out to those of you who kept your fingers crossed and prayer arms folded. I was able to roll out of bed on Saturday morning and felt much less bloated and sore and was all about that anxious, nervous, and excited energy as I … More Mission Completed!