Six Feet Under

… in papers, research, and homework. Yes, Fall semester has officially begun, you guys. I’m taking 18 credit hours this semester and I’m nearly ready to pull my hair out already. I love all of my courses this semester, but I’m overwhelmed by the amount of work I already have due this week. I just … More Six Feet Under

Coming Clean

This is a painful blog for me to post. The past few months, I’ve been silently suffering most days of the week, but am recovering every day. Through the support and love of my friends and boyfriend, through the constant check-ins with my Mom, I’m on the outward journey of a 3-months-long eating disorder. It … More Coming Clean

Daughter to Heavy

Dear Mom and Dad, Looking back now, I think the hardest part of my getting-fit-and-healthy journey was that you both wouldn’t go along with me. I’m grateful that you, Mom, were there, most of the experience, with supportive words and to be my cheering section. When most people criticized me of being obsessive, excited to … More Daughter to Heavy

Clever Title

Well, hello there. How are things going in your neck of the woods? I’ve been thinking essentially non-stop about this post: how to phrase it, how to engage you, heck- just how to explain myself and my thoughts lately. I can start this by saying that I just finished another of Geneen Roth’s fabulously frank … More Clever Title

Balance: Say What?

Howdy, howdy, howdy! This could easily be considered a late posting since Michael and I returned from our San Francisco trip last Thursday evening, but even so. We’re home! Boy, what a trip. We had such a blast spending a full week together (can’t speak for both of us, I know, but seemingly so) and … More Balance: Say What?