Thursdays are Spectacular

When most people are in total weekend-is-approaching mode on Fridays, blissed out, gnawing at their fingernails for 5pm to hit… I’m feeling that way every Thursday. Not sure why, but I’ve always been a Thursday girl. It could be that perhaps it’s my Beachbody payday each week, and I’m in celebration mode from that alone (not a bad reason). Thursdays always just seemed like the bridge between mundane work week into relaxation, relationships, and rejuvenation. I tend to think clearer on these days; I’m more optimistic, creative, more energetic and more excited about where the future will lead. I’d interject with a cliched statement like “Thursdays are the new black,” but that’s been so overused in my opinion. Let’s just let bygones be bygones and let black be it’s own color, shall we?

So is the case for today, my friends. I have my first half marathon of my race season this Saturday, which I don’t feel all that prepared for, given my longest run so far this year was a 10-miler. But, I digress: the challenge is exciting and nerve-racking to me and so I must tackle it head on and in my gel-kayanos. I’m implementing a few extra servings of carbohydrates to fuel my muscles, while still staying mostly-Paleo. I feel good! Something to be said about carb-loading and having suffered (and still occasionally do) from binge eating is wrapping my head around the necessity of it so I don’t hit that “wall” during my race: I still get that tinge of guilt over my excess calories. Even though I know full-well that I must make an exception sometimes (and this is one of them), I feel as though I’ve failed my plan somehow. I need to begin to see these times as self-care and not turn it into self-destruction. After all, Sunday will come before I know it, and I’ll be right back on my Paleo-style of eating before I know it. I just need to show as much patience to myself as I do others. Easier said than done.

Michael will be meeting my Mom for the first time this weekend (I met his parents on Easter for brunch in their place- wonderful, just like I hoped they would be) and while that worries me, it also says this: things are getting serious. In the past, I’d over-analyze the whole situation, but this time, I’m at peace. I have no worries that Michael will be happily accepted and embraced in my family and they’ll be able to see how well we mesh. I’m not concerned about a wedding or anything of the sort for years out and he knows that well. I just want to take our time, whether that’s one year, five years, ten, or so on. Who’s decision is it but his and mine?

Anyway, random thoughts for today. I want to get into a more regular blogging schedule, so this is the best I have for you today, friends. Have a wonderful Thursday (or pre-Friday)!

xxo A

PS. Do you carb-load? And how so?


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