Time for a Tune Up

[First, I gotta preface this post by saying, “HOLY SHNIKES, TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY?!” Indeed! I am, after all, trying to use this WordPress thing more often. If for anyone’s benefit, it’s my own. It’s nice to see my thoughts on “paper.”]

In my free time as of late, I’ve been busily working away at my Spring cleaning. My closet is freshly picked through and now all that’s left are my size smalls and 4s. I’ve poured and scrubbed and swept up my new apartment and things are looking and smelling wonderful here. I’m currently in the process of finding and picking out some plants and flowers to put on my porch. There’s plenty of sunshine everyday (for about 12 hours) and I’d like to look out my kitchen window and see bright, beautiful color everyday. I’ve also been happily decorating the inside of my space with new wall art, decorative pillows, vases, and picture frames, in hopes of being filled soon. I’m a freak fan of IKEA and HGTV, my two new favorite acronyms! Everyday that passes, this space feels more and more like home to me. I love that. I want my apartment to feel lived in, beautiful, and very unique to my own decor tastes. It’s beginning to get that way, now, instead of just for function.

Aside from all the home improvements, today I began my first day of Beachbody’s NEW Ultimate Reset. It’s a 21-day plan that gently detoxes your body, reboots your digestive system, and helps nourish your whole body at the cellular level. The same three health and nutrition experts that collaborated for Shakeology joined up to create the full Ultimate Reset plan. The Reset comes with 6 very gentle, all-natural supplements to take throughout the three-week process (each week is its own phase): pro and pre-biotics, a mineral salt (completely unprocessed, unlike table salt, which is devoid of any nutrition), an Alkalizing agent, and more.

To say that this Reset was necessary for me is a complete understatement. Between the time I started dating Michael, and with all of our dining out, desserts, and slacking a bit on my workouts, I managed to gain 8 pounds back. Sugar had become a bad addiction, one that I hadn’t experienced since starting Beachbody’s programs and Shakeology more than 3 years ago. The only time I’d even want to “let my hair down” for a splurge was my birthday or Christmas. Other than that, I ate mostly vegetables and protein, and that’s really what I craved. When you eat good, your body simply craves good food. I didn’t buy any junk to keep in my house- why would I want that kind of temptation? But lately, going a few days without a slice of cheesecake/cake/cookies became a strange event. I also noticed that with the increased cravings, the emotional eating increased, probably from body-hate. I could feel my stomach getting softer and so too many times, I’d say “screw it” and console myself. Michael is supportive and loving regardless and I would even call these New Dating Pounds. You just want to wine and fine dine all the time, you know? Time to get back on track, though!

So here we are- Springtime- the PERFECT time for me to begin a new chapter in my health and fitness. I’m dying to see my hard-earned abs again, get lean, and focus on my strength training. Once these 21 days are up, P90X2 begins for me and I AM STOKED. Brrrrring it, already, damn it!

I took my day 1 pictures, measured this morning, and am stoked to see where this plan takes me. It already feels SO good to be eating clean, unprocessed foods of any kind. Om nom nom.
The meal plan is the perfect mix of leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, fruit, lean proteins, and healthy fats. This afternoon, I devoured a mixed veggie salad twice the size of my head! So delish! Also, for the Reset, you’re allowed to implement Shakeology, as long as you use the Vegan Tropical Strawberry formula. SCOOOOOORRRREEE!

Goals: Lose 5-8 pounds, improve my sleep (deeper, longer, hopefully back up to 9 hours/night), get back to that all-day-energy feeling I had before (can’t explain unless you’re a Shakeology drinker and eater of clean foods), increased regularity, break this new sugar addition and addiction to chewing gum, and face emotional baggage in my life head on. Facing a task physically leads to unlocking new things emotionally, I’ve found, and for good reason. You need both to thrive, not just survive. And thrive, I shall. I am also completing this to help my Beachbody customers as they complete the process themselves. Why should I preach if I won’t walk it myself?

Let’s do this! If you have any questions about Shakeology, the new Ultimate Reset, or any of the fitness programs created by Beachbody, ASK ME! I’m happy to honestly answer any questions you have. amez_sibs2007@hotmail.com is a fabulous place to reach me!


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