Fully Aware

Growing up, I didn’t think two things about where my food was coming from. All I knew was that it couldn’t come any sooner. My appetite was a roaring fire, never to be fully put out, no matter how many ice cream sandwiches I inhaled or buffet plates I filled. In my attempts to fill the enormous … More Fully Aware


Sometimes, it hits me how truly blessed I am to live in a country that has air conditioning, running (clean) water, a sheltering roof over my head, food on my table, and the ability to create the life I want for myself. I know I take far too many things for granted, and all it … More Thankful

Always a Student

I believe that to really live a fulfilling life, you should never stop learning brand new things. But if taking new classes conjure up nightmares of high school exams, you’re probably thinking too hard. For every single person in the world, there are things that interest them, that fascinate them, that inspire them to change, … More Always a Student


It seems like for the past 2 years, I’ve been silently desperate for a way to become happier, reach for something more, and feeling like I was always missing out on something. I don’t know why it’s taken my 23 years to realize this, but I’m glad it didn’t take any longer. Sometimes, you get … More Unleashed

Cleaning it Up

Abs are made in the kitchen. -Tony Horton Tony Horton, creator of hugely popular at-home fitness programs, like Power 90, One on One, and the sensational P90X, is adament about clean-eating. But that term is thrown around so much that I was interested in what his take on “clean” meant. He wrote a book over the last two … More Cleaning it Up

Shooting the Moon

I never considered myself an example, someone to aspire to be, someone to look up to. If anything, I had my own overflowing list of people that I wanted to take after, to be more like. I religiously read training magazines like Oxygen, Women’s Health, Fitness,  and Shape and by far, Oxygen magazine is the … More Shooting the Moon