Out of Touch

If I could sum up my existence growing up, I would continuously come back to the word “hungry.” When my Dad was at his worst, yelling every day at my brother or my mother for shielding my brother from his wrath, a need for value, acceptance, and a drive to be “full” was all that … More Out of Touch

Demons Inside

This day is dreary, hardly anything went right (you know the feeling)… it’s been almost one year since the final separation from my ex-husband. Anything I seem to be trying to do today ends with me back in the kitchen, pawing around for something to numb this out with. I can’t listen to any Christmas … More Demons Inside

Turning the Page

Hi, friends. Aloha, bonjour, and warm greetings from my computer desk in my nearly-official new residence, Michael’s home. February is when my lease officially finishes, but we’ve been weighing the pros, the cons, and the- “oh, what the hell. You’re already living with me, so let’s move you in and pay off the broken lease … More Turning the Page

Black Sheep

Ever since I was little, I knew I didn’t exactly fit into my family. I wasn’t into sports growing up, I wasn’t particularly good in academics, I wasn’t interested in growing up to be a stay-at-home mother, and wasn’t all hyped up for the business world, either. Being the youngest, I felt this unspoken need … More Black Sheep

The Vast Comparison

I spent some time this weekend, pondering the differences between intuitive eaters (or, “she/he who eats when physically hungry”) and those suffering from Bulimia or Binge Eating Disorder. Michael and I were driving around town, running errands and buying some home improvement items and the inspiration struck. You can’t control the timing of these things, … More The Vast Comparison