The Next Assignment

I’m glad that my post, “It Ain’t All Roses,” rang true with so many of you. It’s sad that so many of us can relate to those experiences, but thank God that we live in a country that allows us to freely talk about (and share) them, so we can actually heal from them. That … More The Next Assignment

Sappy McSapster

I’m decidedly in the wrong era. Nothing interests me about flirting via text messages or emails. I prefer guys who literally have the balls to speak face-to-face. I’m not a stranger to writing love letters, sending mail, chivalry on dates, and not simply “hanging out” all of the time. The modern girl in me pays … More Sappy McSapster

Day in the Life

I’ve been receiving plenty of emails via Facebook and through my new website on how I currently eat to maintain my size. Mostly, they say, “So, what DO you eat? Give me the specific details already!” Well, alright then! Here you go. It varies from day to day, whether I’ve spent the day at Michael’s … More Day in the Life

Bon Voyage

Tomorrow marks 5 months of dating with Michael and it’s been a whirlwind adventure getting to know the man he is, the goals he has for himself, his family. His Mom has been exceptionally kind since the beginning and I already feel like a part of the family. Such a nice change to be with … More Bon Voyage


Monday was my fourth (5th?) session with my therapist. It’s become the norm that I once we are past the small-talk, hello’s, and how-are-you’s, Heidi proposes a question that startles me. And in that moment, diving into the painful, and even subconscious, emotions of my past (and present), I have the internal reaction to bolt. … More Invisible