Neck Deep in Tulle

Not really. Just as busy, though, with the wedding planning! I apologize for having been MIA as of late. It’s partly due to getting everything organized for our October 12th wedding, but also because I’ve gone off Celexa (had some scary side-effects begin, to the effect of blacking out at times), and have been a bit of an isolation mode. For whatever reason, that also has meant me hiding from my blog and you, my readers. I hate my depression. Looking forward to getting into the doctor soon to try a different SSRI.

Wedding planning is coming along smoothly, however. I’ve mostly been doing all the oogling, Pinning, and sorting (and ordering) from my iPad. My dress is purchased, along with my veil, shoes, our venue is situated, along with our plated dinner for our guests. Just got in contact with our officiant this morning, and will work on our invitations this coming week. Also, browsing cakes.

Since this is my second wedding, you’d think that I’d be totally enthralled with the process of getting to choose everything I wanted the FIRST time around, and I am, yes, but it’s still a huge process. I am thankful everyday that my Michael is just as involved as I am. He wants to see all the details and “okay” them before I place orders. It IS his wedding as much as it is MINE.

I’m making an effort of doing everything different this time around. Different flowers, different music, vastly different colors and decor, much prettier dress, and having a smaller, more intimate wedding. We’re inviting the same 50-70 people to our ceremony, then to a seated dinner, then dancing/party afterwards. I know each of these people. I’m related to some, friends with most, and care for all of them. I will not allow this to be a wedding where we stand in line for hours, being introduced to people I’ve never met/will never see again. I want to do it right.

Among the differences, Michael and I are both writing our own vows for the ceremony. I won’t be reciting what millions/billions of others have before. I didn’t want the generic. I wanted this personal to us and unique. I’m making my own promises to him, and he to me. This is not a generic marriage, so we won’t be using cliche’ sayings. Also, I didn’t have any bridesmaids or groomsmen in my first wedding. This time, my best friend, Alli is my Maid of Honor, and Michael is flying his best friend out from New York, to be his Best Man.

Part of me can’t wait to be Cinderella for another day, being twirled around and so deeply in love with my new husband.


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