The Cavewoman Within

Leave it to my relaxed mind on vacation in paradise. 84 degrees, wandering aimlessly all over the island of Maui in a swimsuit & barefeet (mostly), carrying a club (pool noodle) at times… But, lo and behold, fast forward thousands of years and the lady’s equipped with civilized manners AND and iPad 2! I’m ready … More The Cavewoman Within

Howdy from Maui

Hi, friends! I’m sending you much aloha from Maui, Hawaii, where I’m visiting my family. It’s been a balmy, breezy 84 degrees so far and the trend should continue all week ’til next Monday when I head back to reality. I’ve been diligent with my workouts (6 mile tempo run yesterday, Leg Training Day this … More Howdy from Maui

Demons Within

Fighting some serious issues today. “G,” (who’s real name is actually Michael, by the way. I feel comfortable sharing that now) has been nothing but wonderful to me. So wonderful, in fact, that it’s starting to eat me alive inside. I’m so used to be being burned in the past by guys, by not measuring … More Demons Within

In All Honesty

It comes with the job. As a personal trainer and Beachbody Coach, part of my tasks include looking the part. It only makes sense. Why should other people care enough to change, get in shape, lose the weight, transform their lives, if I didn’t lead my life as an example of what can I be … More In All Honesty

Besting Myself

One of the major things I used to get hung up on (and I know most others do, too) is comparing myself and my fitness and weight loss results to those of others. I still do from time to time. Even if I worked my butt off and had dropped 2 pounds in one week, … More Besting Myself