Let it Go

I’m loving my new home and all the new people I’m meeting and building relationships with in my new city. I’ve loved this fresh start- a clean slate- a brand new chance to be who I’ve always wanted to be. One of my recent encounters was with a lady named Jennifer Gray, who works at … More Let it Go

Me First!

How often are you able to honestly look into the mirror, and before thoughts of negativity and body-bashing come swirling through, pause, smile, and feel confident about who you are as a person, how you look on the outside, and what you’re doing with your life? Are you even able to do this? Are you … More Me First!

Look Closer

About a month ago, I was flipping through the TV channels after a long day of work, hoping to find something worth chilling out to. I wasn’t up for another faux dramatic rerun of Real Housewives, so I settled on The Miss America Pageant on ABC. Feeling rather confident with the workouts I’d put in … More Look Closer

On the Road Again

Conjuring up beloved lyrics from John Denver this morning as I greet half marathon training day 1 with open arms, my friends. There’s something so calming about running for me, especially races and going long distances. It’s just you, the pavement/concrete/treadmill, and your breath and thoughts. I seem to do my most creative thinking when … More On the Road Again