True Colors

Life is all about change. We can either resist it or we can flow with it. Change also shows you who your true friends are. That’s a hard lesson I’ve unfortunately had to learn over and over again with my new lifestyle. This last week, I had to sever a friendship that lasted 8 solid … More True Colors

Of the Same Herd

The beauty of college (at least when you can start focusing on your major) is that you’re constantly surrounded by those of like mind and interests. Tomorrow begins another new semester for me: 15 credit hours of courses focused on kinesiology, exercise physiology, nutrition for sports and exercise, and designing training programs.   It’s not … More Of the Same Herd

The Disconnect

Something that I’ve noticed as my waist has gotten smaller and smaller, is a larger and larger disconnect with my family. Since I’ve been the lone ranger, taking on this healthy lifestyle all by myself, there’s almost an elephant in the room. Crazy how food can either make or break relationships. Growing up, we could … More The Disconnect

And here it goes…

I need therapy. I’ve known this for a while, but I’m just coming to terms with it now. I need to be able to talk to a professional counselor about what’s going on inside me, negative events from my past, and help me get to the root of my “fat girl.” Although my external appearance … More And here it goes…