Merry Christmas…

… my friends and readers! Wishing you and yours a very merry whatever you’re celebrating this wonderful season! I’ll catch up with my Days of Truth tomorrow. For now, spiked egg nog, falling snowflakes, and holding my loved ones tight. Be well, A Advertisements

Dosing Up

I’ve never been one to take pills. I’m actually quite adamant against them- always shell-shocked when television commercials would finally get to the laundry list of side-effects, which, to me, seemed so much worse than the illness to which they were prescribed. I personally think more people pop pills like candy more for the fix … More Dosing Up

Day Seven: “Someone Worth Living For”

It’s Day 7 of 30 Days of Truth. Today’s prompt: “Someone Worth Living For.” I bet you’re all guessing I’ll say “Michael,” right? Well, that’s undoubtedly true. I’ve never had to wonder if our being together was right- we felt enmeshed from the beginning. But, this answer is too easy. You all already know how … More Day Seven: “Someone Worth Living For”