Losing It

I sometimes feel like my entire life has been the art of accumulating guilt. Through the years, through my marriage at 19, divorce at 22, and even now, I’m a pro. I’m tired of feeling shame over choices I’ve made and the way I live my life. When I was a member of the Mormon … More Losing It

The Dark Side

My depression has taken a serious toll as of late. Until I’m able to find a doctor who accepts our insurance and can get on some new medication, I’m having both withdrawals from the Celexa and feel like I’ve lost a part of myself. I can’t concentrate very much, move slowly, and there are very … More The Dark Side

Neck Deep in Tulle

Not really. Just as busy, though, with the wedding planning! I apologize for having been MIA as of late. It’s partly due to getting everything organized for our October 12th wedding, but also because I’ve gone off Celexa (had some scary side-effects begin, to the effect of blacking out at times), and have been a … More Neck Deep in Tulle

The Next Chapter

Michael and I had been planning a Moab camping/hiking trip with four of his best friends for a few months now. Two of them, David and Jen, live in New Jersey (about 30 minutes out from NYC). The others, Brian and Candace, have been together since high school (over 10 years ago) and recently got … More The Next Chapter

The Total Package

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that most people don’t consider the other parts of the human experience when considering getting their “health” back on track. I believe that to most people, “getting healthy” means getting back into their high school clothes or an elusive size __. They don’t … More The Total Package


I am feeling creative today, with the urgency to let my thoughts flow onto screen, and paper with pens. I wonder about having an appearance “twin” out there in the world, somewhere. Another girl who looks just like me. I wonder what else we’d have in common. I hear the introduction of one of my … More Being

Goodbye, PB

Our fridge is loaded with things like sliced lean turkey without additives, baby carrots, unsweetened almond milk, eggs, sweet potatoes, granny smith apples. We have a large glass canister full of rolled old-fashioned oats, ready for a quick snack or breakfast. We don’t have butter or cream here. No chips or fried food. No candy … More Goodbye, PB