Innocent Asparagus

It was just after 2 pm and I’m sitting down to dig into a very green, lean third meal of the day: egg white omelet with spinach and black pepper, sliced bell peppers with Dijon mustard, and steamed asparagus with lemon juice. This is one mountainous plate of vitamins, minerals, lean protein. Being the volume … More Innocent Asparagus

Miniature Triumphs

Losing weight again has brought me back into that dreadful important phase of appreciate the small stuff, guys. Stuff like having your boyfriend’s mother comment on how slender you’re looking again, the ease at which I can articulate about the portion size I’ve just eaten, the calories consumed and remembering to write it all down … More Miniature Triumphs

Be Here Now

I have this thing called procrastination down to an art. If I have a test coming up, I’ll use every second prior to it by updating Facebook, reading a new book/magazine, texting clients and friends… folding my socks… WHATEVER I can possibly do to avoid having to do studying I have to do. The thought … More Be Here Now

Random Ramblings

The weekend never lasts long enough, does it? Here’s what’s on my mind this morning: 1. On a strange level (and I hate to admit this), but I think, subconsciously, that I justified my binging because Chris tried to get back in contact with me and I wasn’t fully over emotions dealing with our divorce. … More Random Ramblings

The 28th Year

Not mine, Michael’s! It started yesterday, so we spent the day celebrating together. When he was done for the day with work, we drove to a local aquarium that we’d both wanted to visit. After that, we came back to his condo and dressed up for the evening. A few weeks ago, I bought a … More The 28th Year

Le Food Police

Women and their weight (and weight issues) are always a very touchy topic for guys. It’s needless to say that I’ve always stayed far, far away from the proverbial “Does my ____ look fat in this?” bullet question. I just would rather not know. I think it’s also a relief to Michael, as well. In … More Le Food Police

Wandering Feet

It all started with watching “Eat Pray Love” with one of my best gal pals last week. Seeing Julia Roberts unhook all ties to the States and take off for distant locations to enliven her soul, feed her spirit and mind, and come to peace with parts of her life. By a raise of hands, … More Wandering Feet