Portion Distortion

Which of these meals looks more satisfying to you? Both meals are 300 calories worth. The first is a bowl of angel hair pasta with turkey and sauce on top, and the second is 6 cups of green beans. I’ve always been what I considered a “volume eater.” Regardless of calories, macronutrients, and minerals, I … More Portion Distortion

Something More

I don’t spend a TON of time on Twitter (@mrsamynielson Follow me, already! 🙂 ), but I like to dip my toes in occassionally. Generally, I pick up some awesome links to new health studies, quotes, or bios about people doing incredible things in this world. Last week, I stumbled across a guy and his … More Something More

New Kind of Audience

I’ve NEVER been one for public speaking.   Picture Anne Hathaway (playing Princess Mia) from the Princess Diaries while in debate class (yack!) and that pretty much sums up my ability and interest in talking in front of large crowds. It scares me to death… but somehow also excites me. I’m known to jumble all … More New Kind of Audience

Choose Your “Hard”

Last week, I heard a wonderful quote from a friend: “Losing weight is hard. Staying fat and out of shape is hard. Choose your hard.” Isn’t THAT the truth, though? I can’t count the many times I’ve had to make a sacrifice (whether with time to make sure I get my workout in, prepare my healthy meals for … More Choose Your “Hard”

Aspire to Be

All along my journey of losing weight and getting healthier and fitter, I always looked to others that were stronger, more knowledgeable, braver, and wiser than I was. When I didn’t have strength to last once more day; when I didn’t have patience to wait out a plateau; when I wasn’t sure about nutrition choices … More Aspire to Be