Clouds are Clearing

The clouds are clearing in my life in more ways than one. For the past 14 days, we’ve had overcast and extremely cold days. Those kind of days where it’s a struggle just to get out of bed, you’re craving a sudden trip to Maui or a gigantic bowl of [insert your favorite comfort food]. … More Clouds are Clearing

New Start

First off, I want to say sorry for becoming MIA for the past… 3 weeks? I kept mulling over how I wanted to post this and would continually end up on WordPress again and again to try to start this post, but couldn’t find the courage or the inspiration. Well, those of you who’ve been … More New Start


Beginning to feel alive again, thanks to some heavy dosage of sudafed and a good 2 hour nap this afternoon. I feel like I’m finally getting back to normal, which I’m so excited about. It really is true what they say about not appreciating health until you’ve lost it. Working out every day is definitely … More Advancements


God, I really hate that word. And this week, I’ve had close to none. It’s now been one full week with this cold (first time I’ve been sick in over 3 years; it doesn’t happen that often for me), and I’m all about the nasal congestion, headache, runny nose, and a little bit of a cough. … More Patience


“Motivation is like bathing. It only lasts for one day- that’s why we recommend it frequently.” -Anonymous I believe that each person becomes motivated internally by sources of inspiration they find externally. For everyone, it’s a different source. I’m motivated by competition, by challenges set forth by others, by my drive to prove others (and … More Inspiration

Taking it Easy

Yesterday was my rest day after 6 consecutive days of hard training. I showered, straightened my hair, and ran errands around the city all day. I’m getting the word out about another Weight Loss Challenge I’m holding on December 12th. I had the new flyers copied and had the little phone number slits cut on … More Taking it Easy