My Two Halves

I’ve been a mess lately as far as my eating disorder goes. Half of me wants to get better, wants patience in my pursuit of a healthy body image, and can celebrate with cake on her birthday. She can shrug off the days when monthly bloat causes her skinny jeans to be a bit snug. … More My Two Halves

Firsts and Forevers

Yesterday was a very sweet and slightly bitter day for me. It all started a few months in and Michael offering the upstairs bathroom for my own use to store toiletries in when I stayed over on the weekends. Next thing I knew, I had a dresser drawer to put some of my clothes into. … More Firsts and Forevers

Miss Hyde

It’s amazing to me how soon I feel the difference in my mood, my perception of the world, my importance here, my happiness… my quality of life, how ALL of it is depending on if I’ve remembered to take my antidepressant everyday. The fact that my mood depends on something like medication is actually very … More Miss Hyde