Remedy for the Diet

How did your Thanksgiving go? Did you stick to your “plan,” or did you just let it all slide? I woke up Thursday morning, feeling extremely headachey and cold so I spent most of the day, bundled under a blanket, working from my iPhone. My husband left home around 2pm to visit his family and … More Remedy for the Diet

Recovery Week

Today begins Recovery Week from my first 30 days (or “phase 1”) of P90x, Round 3. Feeling stronger than ever and I’m stoked about that! Lifting 20-25 pounds and now able to do 11 consecutive pull-ups (no chair needed), either underhand or overhand. I honestly love the feeling of being able to pull my whole … More Recovery Week

Holiday Plans

One week out from Thanksgiving now and I’m starting to get anxious again. We’re spending it this year with Chris’ family… and let’s just say, I’m pretty much the odd woman out. My husband, Chris, comes from a family that are all overweight and obese and it isn’t uncommon to have homemade fried french fries … More Holiday Plans

Emotions in Food

When’s the last time you’ve actually paid attention to how food advertisements were being displayed on television? These food manufacturers are insanely crafty in how they project information and have us feel certain emotions in order to choose their line of product. For example, I was watching a segment of commercials and in the space … More Emotions in Food

Definitely Different

I’m definitely not the only person, successful at losing a lot of weight, who has said, “make this your new lifestyle. Everything you do from now around revolves around being active, eating right, and taking care of yourself.” Here I am, 7:32 am on Sunday morning, watching the live coverage of the ING New York … More Definitely Different