Lovingly, Your Reflection

Quit grimacing, you look just fine this morning. You know, you really don’t give yourself enough credit for all the good you do- for your health, your goals, your career, and all the enriching relationships in your life right now. You’re always on the edge of your seat, waiting for that second when you’ll fail again. You can barely relax. You just know a screw up will ensue soon. You know you can’t live your life this way- that’s no life at all. So what if you’ve had a few tougher-than-usual weeks? Look at the army of supporters around you, rallying you onward.

All of these dedicated workouts, getting up long before the sun rises and before Michael wakes up, you drive sleepy-eyed to the gym for cardio or pressing play on a workout DVD. When you could’ve been back in bed, dozing off, you were up and lacing those cross-trainers. When you could’ve easily had an extra serving of pie, you made yourself settle with just one. Turning away when all you want to do is binge. All of these actions add up, girl. But still. You feel as though you couldn’t possibly do enough. Your head and body finally met up and you got to see what those months of binging have done to you, both spiritually and physically. You feel buried deep under these excess layers. Each day, you’re making progress, finding your way back to Her- who you used to be, who you still can be. You know, the girl who’d shine in public, show off her hard-earned figure and confidently stare her problems dead in the eye. The current version of you would rather hide and cower in the corner, but she’s gaining that strength once again. Having made it to goal once solidifies the evidence that you can do it again. Don’t give up on yourself. She’ll emerge as time goes on. And as hard as it is, smile at the progress you’ve made and are continuing to make. These things take time, as you know (but may have forgotten). You didn’t earn those size 4 jeans in a few short months. It won’t happen that easy this time, either. But once you can finally zip them up… bliss.


Keep on, keeping on, and chin up.

Your Reflection


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