Year 23

Last Tuesday was my birthday, my friends, and what a wonderful, fun, exciting day it was!

Michael began planning a surprise date two weeks in advance and told me to “dress nice” (also meaning: NOT in trainer clothes. Okay, got it!) for the evening. I decided to take extra time, add waves to my hair, throw on a denim mini, cute top, earrings- the works. It’s become like a game to me to always have a nice outfit together whenever I go out with him. Such a nice feeling to dress up for a guy and have that motivation to do so again, because he takes the time and effort to do the same, as well. I want to always be in this still-new feeling of dating, of getting butterflies, sweaty palms, and hearts racing. I want to still be lovers even into old age.

He rang my doorbell around 6pm, where we took off to go to surprise location number one- a beautiful and local Japanese and Sushi spot in our neighborhood. The restaurant was fairly quiet, which was perfect for the romantic evening I was hoping for. He knows my favorite food in the world is sushi (and all seafood, for that matter), so I was one happy girl! Without me asking, he happily ordered for the two of us: a New York roll, a Spider Roll, and fresh Jasmine tea. Perfection. I’ve been attempting to become better skilled at using chopsticks, and he finds it so cute and charming when I still can’t seem to figure it out. Michael’s excitement was palpable throughout the whole night- it was so hilarious! He was so pleased with himself for putting the surprise date together and I loved it!

After dinner, we arrived at the local mall to browse for some new wine and shot glasses at Crate&Barrel, and then wandered through Teavana to sample the new Spring teas. I have a new addiction to the Youthberry + Citrus Peel flavor. At $20 a pop for just a few ounces of loose-leaf tea, this was definitely a birthday splurge. I decided to hold off for then, but came home that night and ordered some online. πŸ™‚

Location three was at Michael’s place and I was excited to see what he had planned. He told me to cover my eyes and he led me into his front door, and helped me onto a chair, where I waited until he told me it was okay to look. I heard him rustling around in his kitchen and couldn’t help but laugh. Within a minute or two, a very recognizable song began to play on his iPhone- the Beatles’ “The Birthday Song,” and he gave me permission to uncover my eyes. I quickly turned around to find this beautiful chocolate cake, decked in candles, and topped with raspberries. It was gorgeous and I could tell he had baked it himself! So thoughtful! We shared a slice or two of the cake and he poured me a glass of my favorite Blackberry Merlot. A wrapped package next to the cake was an awesome book I’ve been lusting after- mid-1900’s pin-ups. Cake, sushi, wine, tea, and a wonderful guy. I let myself enjoy every crumb for the day- so very worth it.

I take my birthday wishes very seriously and have never blown out a birthday candle without taking time to think about my wish. I gotta make it good! Here’s to another fabulous year. Cheers!

xxo A


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