Day 4 Ultimate Reset

Good morning, you guys (and gals)!

Today is day 4 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and I am now down a total of 3 pounds and feeling super fantastic! The recipes in the meal planner have been so easy and delicious so far and I can’t wait for more. Yesterday, I learned how to make my own sushi rolls and miso soup for dinner. Really looking forward to getting better at cooking!

My energy levels have soared and I’m wide-awake and alert by 6am each morning and in bed by 9pm each night. I spent the last 4 months, literally rolling out of bed, limb by limb, even when I’d somehow manage 7-8 hours. Clearly, I wasn’t getting the quality of sleep that I needed.

Now that I’ve been off coffee and sugar-free gum for 5 days, I don’t miss either at all. I really thought I would and while I am getting used to not chewing something all day (whether it’s food or gum), the feeling in my body can’t be beat. My new coffee maker that I actually purchased only two weeks ago is feeling pretty depressed, I am sure. And in fact, I think I spied a tear rolling down the side of it. After this Reset, I plan on adding tea sometimes back in (herbal everyday, and caffeine only sometimes).

Something else that I’m learning is that awesome place of being satisfied but not stuffed. Even with eating healthy foods (in the pre-dating days), I’d still crave that stuffed feeling. I was still getting over a passed fear from our family’s food storage days when I was growing up. I feared there wouldn’t be enough food, so that led to me stuffing my face anytime there’d be food around. I am not that girl any longer since starting this Reset. It has been so much more to me than just getting my body back or seeing my abs again; this is a total and complete renewal of self for me. I’m facing my inner food demons and issues I’ve placed upon myself in order to control food in my benefit.

I haven’t counted a calorie since starting this, either, which I’m thrilled to say- I don’t even miss! Wow, I NEVER thought I’d say that, much less admit it. It’s just been nice to have it all thought out for me again, so I don’t have to take that extra time. Looking through the nutrition guide with this Reset, you can see how much thought and preparation went into every single detail. And it’s so versatile that anyone could complete these 21 days (and I recommend they do!)- no matter the food allergies, tastes, and so on. You’re always able to sub out a meal for a different one in each week of the program: if you don’t like today’s lunch, sub it out for Sunday’s or recreate yesterday’s and so on.

My skin looks brighter and more clear than it did when I started, and I know that’s due to the vitamin-uptake from my meals. I’m actually digesting everything and using it to my body’s benefit.

Can’t wait to see where the next 2 1/2 weeks take me, my friends. Reach out to me if you’d like to purchase your own or have questions on it! I’m happy to answer any and all.





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