Firsts and Forevers

Yesterday was a very sweet and slightly bitter day for me. It all started a few months in and Michael offering the upstairs bathroom for my own use to store toiletries in when I stayed over on the weekends. Next thing I knew, I had a dresser drawer to put some of my clothes into. I’d pack a few extra pairs of pajamas, sweats, tops, and jeans inside my weekend bag to leave here. Fast forward many months, my apartment lease finally came up and I’m all moved out and into Michael’s place. Our place. It’s been a serious process, but it’s finally official.

As I’ve taken a good look around here, my beautiful new home with my guy, I can take a much-needed sigh of relief. I finally have that security in my life that I’ve so desperately craved. Carrying the last bits of furniture and moving boxes up and down my one flight of stairs to my old apartment, I could picture all the very beginning days and months of our relationship. Moments before he’d pick me up for a date, I’d be “spying” out the blinds of my kitchen, watching him cross under the staircase up to my door, butterflies running wild in my stomach. A speeding eternity would pass and my doorbell would ring. That ever-familiar, friendly, and masculine face would be beaming at me, scanning me over and commenting/complimenting me on that night’s look. It was so nice to have someone to dress up for. It was so nice to actually care again. All I wanted to do was once again rush into his arms and stay there.

We just celebrated a full year of dating (which, if you will recall, was Valentine’s Day) and I planned a fun overnight in the city with just us two. One very decadent dinner at a new local hotspot…


one very large and sinful piece of black forest cake at our first date cafe, sipping decaf coffee and laughing just like day one…



I asked him to wear a black suit and I got dolled up in a strapless black and maroon minidress. I even wore pantyhose! This was a BIG deal. Afterwards, a stay at a local bed and breakfast with even more chocolate sweetness waiting for us in room. I let loose and enjoyed myself after eating clean for two weeks prior. I could spare a night of reckless fun. We had such a blast, reconnecting away from our daily routine. Valentine’s Day has always been a big deal to me, even during the years I was single. I love everything about the holiday and I go all out: swanky new dress, expensive dinner, the works. I like doing Valentine’s Day in style. It’s bigger to me than, yes, Christmas. Even more so, now that it’s our anniversary.

Little did I know a year ago this month that I had met the love of my life.


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