Let’s Get Real

An irritation of mine? When you hear well-intentioned people say, “love yourself” and “it’s really what’s inside that counts.”

Excuse me while I gag.

Those messages are beautiful and fluffy, but how the hell are you supposed to do that? How do you embrace (much less, accept) your many flaws when you have magazines, telling you how to Drop 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks, or better yet, What He Really Thinks About Your Weight/Appearance? How about the critical standards of Hollywood, or even the looks of your own local news anchor? What about the 15 billboards you see on your way to work each morning, nudging you to get liposuction so you can have the “body you deserve?”

How about the rising trend of women starving themselves to death, purging, cutting, all in the name of beauty? When did self-hate and mutilation become such a trend, and forgoing all carbohydrates make someone seem ambitious and dedicated?

How can we possibly love ourselves, women especially, when the media wants us to all look the same and flawlessly flaunt an effortlessly busy lifestyle? Last time I checked, I didn’t reside in Stepford.

I, for one, am exhausted. Sick to death, actually. Why is it that if you’re not miserable and working tirelessly to change every single thing about yourself, you’re seen as lazy and full of excuses? I’ve spent a lot of time lately, wondering how perfect my life might be if I had Gwen Stefani’s abs, a perky Kardashian butt, and hair like Princess Kate.

For the sake of separating myself from the masses, for being okay even with a little more weight to lose, for having something to work for daily, Heidi recommended a new book to immerse myself in: “Addiction to Perfection,” by Marian Woodman.

I just recently finished up “Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia,” and one line that has haunted me most was this, “The convenience in having an eating disorder is that you believe, by definition, that your eating disorder cannot GET out of control, because it IS control. It is, as you believe, your only means of control, so how could it possibly control you?”


3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real

  1. I used to feel like this, and maybe to some extent I still have that tendency in me. I watched Anna Farris in House Bunny the other day and her body looked so amazing. But I know from past experience that, even when I’m at my lowest healthy weight, I never ever look as good as Anna Farris. I think I’m much more accepting of it these days. I don’t read magazines anymore and try to remind myself as much as possible that the people with the stunning bodies are in the minority- by far. I have an average body and that’s OK!!

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