30 DoT- Day 11: “Compliments”

“Day 11 : Something People Seem To Compliment You The Most On

It took me a while to come up with a reply to this one. My looks are about average, my singing voice can stay on key the majority of the time, I’m alright at most things, but not incredibly good at any one thing. I’m more well-read now that I used to be and I’m always interested in learning more about every subject under the sun. I think what really holds us back in life is fear- fear of learning the truth. Ignorance keeps us from living our most fulfilling lives, you know?

People tend to like my sense of style. It’s neither trendy or in season. I’m not that daring with new shapes and cuts in clothing. I wear what appeals to me and what best reflects my mood. This can be miniskirts in winter (with boots) blended with long sleeved t-shirts, or whatever color I’m really attracted to as of late. My style reflects my personality and who I am. I like displaying a bit of sexiness mixed in a sea of class. I leave things to the imagination. I don’t choose to show it all at first glace. I like bold colors. I like prints in very small amounts. I like classic, ladylike pieces. I like comfort. I also love high heels. I like quality, but I can’t condone spending $200 on a pair of jeans. I value my hiking boots just as much as my going out dresses.


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