Day 9 of 30 Days of Truth: “Drifting”

Day 9: “Someone You Didn’t Want to Let Go of, But Just Drifted”

A few people come to mind. First, my childhood best friend, Kelsey, whom I lived right next-door to when my family lived in Virginia. I was 6 when we moved. I still have vivid memories of us attending “Joy School” together (a community preschool), playing in her back yard, always being together. I still love looking at the pictures of us, too cool for our age, hands on our hips, grimacing at the camera. Pictures of us in my mom’s handmade dress-ups for me, playing pretend, being little girls. I miss her. I still remember the sharp pain of having to say goodbye to her and move across the country to Utah. We caught up a few years ago on Facebook and it’s amazing to see how different our lives are now.

Others that I think of are my hometown friends whom I stayed close with from 7th grade until this last December. There was a large falling out when I made my independence, walked away from the church, went through my divorce, and shook off old, painful remnants of my past. There will always be a part of me that hurts that I’m not like them. With the same token, it was my own decision to follow my own heart, listen to myself for once, and think on my own. I did just that. We all still talk sometimes and catch up, but things are definitely not the same. With the painful and scary move came a brand new world all its own. I’m surrounded, now, with people who have similar pasts like my own and free, logical thinkers. As Michael says, “Wszystko dzieje się z jakiegoś powodu,” or “Everything happens for a reason.”


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