Day Seven: “Someone Worth Living For”

It’s Day 7 of 30 Days of Truth. Today’s prompt: “Someone Worth Living For.”

I bet you’re all guessing I’ll say “Michael,” right? Well, that’s undoubtedly true. I’ve never had to wonder if our being together was right- we felt enmeshed from the beginning. But, this answer is too easy. You all already know how much I adore him.

So, I’d like to answer with something else entirely. Someone I consider living for is the person, the beginner, the woman or man who’s so long gone in their weight battle and body hate that they cannot see any end whatsoever. This person has reached their wits end, feels hopeless, ashamed, worthless, is so stuck in their perpetual hell of daily living. I post here to relate with them, with you. We put on their front in public like we all have our shit together, when the quiet chaos is whirling around inside us. Some of us are on the verge of breaking down at any moment. I write here, out of my own cathartic and analytical purposes (to make myself feel like less of a nut-case) and to be a friend to those, like me, struggling with this every single day. I post to be an example, living proof, that it CAN be done. I post because this is my own vendetta. I post because it, possibly, helps me more than it helps you. In all, you aren’t alone in your struggle. Having been to hell and back and back and forth once more… I know the pain. Habits are hard to break. Even harder, the reasons BEHIND our habits of coping. But I know that you must relive and again experience that pain to uncover your own unique reasons. It’s the only way to get there in a healthy and permanent way. Progress takes time. Patience sucks. It’s the only way. The struggle is worth it. This is my purpose and my pride.


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