Day 6 of 30 Days of Truth

Day 6: “Something You Hope You Never Have to Do”

I had to spend a lot of time, pinpointing just one thing to talk about here. Out of those I could think up, I would have to decide on this: I hope to never do anything that will cost someone their life. That statement makes me seem somewhat like a complete nut on the verge of snapping, doesn’t it? Well, let me explain. I hope that my actions won’t result in someone taking their own life, or that I ever cause a mistake that could be fatal: leave the stove-top burning while my future kids are home alone, unaware, for example. I hope that I never accidentally leave one of them somewhere- in the car during a sweltering day, for another example. It may seem too simplistic to some of you, “just keep track of them, it isn’t that hard.” Thing is, I can’t imagine living with something like that having happened- things that I have control over, not out of my hands and into those of someone else. I couldn’t live with that amount of guilt. Living with this fear may constantly put me in the state of frantic OCD, wanting to build a protective bubble for everyone I love, but what person or parent with good intentions isn’t that way?


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