Sweaters and Leaves

Chilly, cloudy Wednesday morning in October. Low, fluffy clouds are lying on the mountains outside and there is visible whispers of snow covering them. I wake up at 5:30am, wide awake and energetic, just like every morning previously so far on this Ultimate Reset. I’m snuggled up close to Michael in my pink and gray flannel pajamas and I roll out, quietly, as to not disturb him. I gently close the bedroom door behind me and tiptoe to the kitchen. I pull out ingredients to make him some chocolate-protein pancakes for breakfast and start the electric kettle for some chai tea. Once the pancakes are ready, I go and kiss him awake and tell him breakfast is waiting for him. This very cute, sleepy grin spreads across his face and he follows me into the kitchen. I sit down next to him and light the pumpkin spice candle on the table. We go about our usual morning routine of watching CNN, discussing the news topics and about the day ahead for each one of us. He finishes his pancakes and puts his dishes away. I quickly grab a shower, get ready for the day and pick out my outfit: tall, suede boots, leggings, and a long maroon sweater. I clasp my locket necklace, throw on some bangles and check my reflection in the mirror. Michael’s on his way to school and I’m on my way out back to my apartment for the day. Just as we’re leaving to our cars, he asks, “When will you be home tonight?”

This is wonderful.



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