The Big Difference

How much time do we spending just eating instead of actually feeding our bodies what they crave, what they really need to repair themselves, and what will sustain us permanently?

I don’t know about you, but I barely spent ANY time doing the latter. I’m used to making snap judgements about what may make me feel good temporarily, ease some boredom, help me procrastinate some more.

Yes, today is Day 5 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and to tell you honestly, the control I feel over hunger, over food, over “cravings” for sugar, flour, caffeine… compared to just 5 days ago is a difference in night and day. The last few days have been idiotically stressing with school work, midterms, juggling it all, and not for one second did I think of abandoning the program, the process, and letting food have that juvenile hold on me. Instead, I slept. Not kidding. Like clockwork, for the last week, when I was home and feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and/or bored… I went to take a nap instead. This, in addition to now the 8 solid hours of sleep I’ve gotten the last few days.

Okay. Back to food. The program entails vegetables of all kinds, fruits, veggies, lean meats, fish, and plenty of nuts, seeds, and various oils for the first phase (week). While they don’t force you to buy organic, I just went all in this time and purchased my groceries at Whole Foods. That, and it was an easy one-stop since I was there for the sushi ingredients, miso, and so forth. Let me just say that eating solely organic produce, wild caught fish, and nutritious oils has done amazing so far in terms of how I feel inside and out. Every meal so far has been perfect and insanely healthy.

Why is it that now a days, people are so willing to pop prescription pills, overdose on coffee, slack off on sleep for Facebook… but “nooooo, I don’t want to drink a gallon of water a day. Heaven forbid it may be good for my health.” Why has preventative “medicine” become “alternative” and Western, “let’s cure you WHILE you’re on your death bed” so acceptable?

Regardless of your religious background, whether you believe or don’t believe, you simply cannot argue against the amazement of the human body, it’s processes working simultaneously to keep this living, breathing, productive machine working each day. Is it so ridiculous to believe that health starts in your own kitchen and not after you’ve left your doctor’s office?

Anyway. Rant over. Let’s just say, I’m feeling incredibly light today, the fog has lifted, I’m more in control than I have been in 7 months with my health. Baby, it feels goooooooood.

Not that this program is solely about weight loss, but that’s just one of the (fun, nice, sweeeet) additions to safely removing toxins from your body, lowering your cholesterol, managing your blood sugar, and so forth. In 4 days….


Can’t exactly argue with those results. 16 more days.



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