Getting Clean and Lean

Wow, there’s a lot to catch you all up on! It’s been more than a week since I blogged last, and quite frankly, I’ve been lost in my own thoughts. One of those strange episodes where I’m thinking too hard on what I “should” write verses just letting it flow (whatever “it” is) and just writing to you all.

The weight loss has been slow-mo as of late. I get motivated for around a full week, workout hard, eat clean most of the day… until I head to Michael’s place and inevitably snack on something. I need to figure out why I’m trying to find comfort. Perhaps because I’m not in my own surroundings? I don’t know. These “snacks” have led me to lose and regain the same damn 5 pounds over and over again for a few weeks.

On Saturday, I ran my heart out during my half marathon downtown Salt Lake City!


My final time was 1:48:51. This was my first time running this course and boy, there were some major hills even just 2 miles into the race. I was smart this time (let it be known) and actually let myself rest for a few days after the race. Michael and my parents were there, smiling, at the finish line. It’s wonderful to feel such support and love!

On Monday this week, I started my second round of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It’s time to face these sugar and flour addictions head on, emotions linked to reaching for foods, hiding foods, and rationalizing any kind of splurge. 13.1 miles is quite an accomplishment, but does it warrant several days of crap eating prior? Not so much. For some reason, I felt my race qualified me to eat a few days to “celebrate.” (Thus, another mindset to work through.)

Today is day 3 of the Reset so far, and I’m down about 3 pounds. My goal is actually to lose the last 15 pounds I’m hanging on to. The meals have been so damn delicious like before and I’m really looking forward to rolling my own sushi rolls again tonight! That’s what I love about the Ultimate Reset- all organic, healthy meals from scratch in little time, retraining your body about hunger signals, getting off sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and so on. It all gets moved out! My kitchen is seeing a ton more action and I have confidence shining through again. Take a look at some of the awesome meals I’ve been cooking and eating so far:



ImageI promise to check in every day or every 2 days on my progress, guys! I’ve been setting new goals for the end of the year, writing out my workout schedule (Insanity: the Asylum 1 & 2, then Body Beast), and getting excited about my future. I’m off to get that flat stomach I had before (and serious abs) before a Hawaii vacation in December with my Michael. Key word: bikinis!




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