Innocent Asparagus

It was just after 2 pm and I’m sitting down to dig into a very green, lean third meal of the day: egg white omelet with spinach and black pepper, sliced bell peppers with Dijon mustard, and steamed asparagus with lemon juice. This is one mountainous plate of vitamins, minerals, lean protein. Being the volume eater than I am, I aim to eat as much as possible for low calories, thus cruciferous vegetables are a staple in my diet.

So, I am hiking up my green Everest with fork in hand, getting close to cleaning my plate and an unsettling thing happens. 3 measly asparagus spears are left on my plate and I am just not interested. I frown down at my plate and realize what’s going on here: I wish they were Twizzlers or those Sour Straws. I let out an audible sigh and finish them off, one by one.

Cravings happen to everyone, and eating what you want is not usually what you really need. Today, I had to pretend that another serving of veggies were actually more delicious than they actually were. Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and do what’s necessary today to reach where you want to be tomorrow. That’s true for the person who forgoes another “snooze” to lace up his Asics to train for a race at 5am, the only time he has available for his workout. That’s true for the mom who finds a babysitter to watch her kids so she can invest that hour in herself each day. That’s true for anyone who’s going after a goal and means serious business, who isn’t making excuses or doing it for the wrong reasons.

So, while I’m wishing my green stems were coated in sugar and turning down the cupcakes at Michael’s parent’s home, while everyone else is indulging, I can smile to myself. It’s a satisfying feeling to stay on track.


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