The 28th Year

Not mine, Michael’s!

It started yesterday, so we spent the day celebrating together. When he was done for the day with work, we drove to a local aquarium that we’d both wanted to visit. After that, we came back to his condo and dressed up for the evening. A few weeks ago, I bought a gorgeous little red dress to wear out sometime with him. His birthday seemed like the perfect occasion! I took him to an awesome dinner at Sea Salt, a fine Italian place in Salt Lake City, where we had red wine, chicken, pasta, and delicious orzo. I told him to save room for dessert later on, but didn’t mention where we were going. Even though I was in heels, jewelry, and a LRD, I still had my Nike+ band on my wrist and would sneak peeks at the time now and again to make sure we were making good time. At 7:45pm, we made our way out of the restaurant and on to the next destination… Gourmandise Bakery downtown. Casually, I asked him what he wanted to order, and he replied that he wasn’t sure yet. We parked, walked in, and I spotted his parents, best friend, and two of my friends on a long table in the back of the bakery… with one amazing tiramisu cake that I had ordered for his birthday. Totally oblivious, Michael stood at the front counter, admiring the pastries. I then grabbed his hand, and pulled him to the back of the place to where his friends and family were sitting. His mom pops up out of her chair with the tirasmisu cake and begins leading the table in Happy Birthday. The look on his face was priceless, you guys, priceless. He realized what was going on and that I had snuck around to make sure everyone would be there last night to celebrate with us. Total score!

Hours of laughing, grazing on tiramisu, and catching up, we wander back out to his car to head home. He says, “Amy, you are one amazing lady,” to which I reply,

“I know.”


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