Wandering Feet

It all started with watching “Eat Pray Love” with one of my best gal pals last week. Seeing Julia Roberts unhook all ties to the States and take off for distant locations to enliven her soul, feed her spirit and mind, and come to peace with parts of her life. By a raise of hands, how many of you would just love the chance to just GO somewhere new (internationally) and immerse yourself in a brand-new culture? I hope I’m not the only one with both hands raised.

I’m currently in my fourth week of my new French course in college and I just adore it (j’adore francias). My professor, Madame Qouric, is actually a native from the South of France. She only speaks full-on French in class (even though it’s a 1010 course) and even though I’m in over my head most days… I’m enthralled. The more I study about the culture, the people, the flow and dips of the language… hell, all of it… I just want to begin traveling. Putting oxygen to flame, my parents are currently on a wedding anniversary trip in Germany this week and will be visiting Switzerland next. Last week, Michael’s mom surprised me with a French cafe’ music album and, yes, I have it playing as I type.
Somedays, I wish I had the balls just to purchase my tickets and head to Paris. Money’s not an issue… I just have to rationalize taking time off from life and taking an adventure. Getting out of my head and my thoughts and experience the romance of Paris, seeing beloved art at the museums, tasting authentic French red wine, walking everywhere by foot (feet?).

I have dreams about taking this trip all of the time, it seems. But, sooner or later, I snap out of my fog and realize that I have papers to write, blogs to update, a cat to feed, a stable boyfriend, and a career to continue pursuing. Regardless, I’m going to continue dipping my toes going in head-first, because C’est la Vie and I can’t waste a precious moment of it.

Some day… Some day…




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