Balance: Say What?

Howdy, howdy, howdy!

This could easily be considered a late posting since Michael and I returned from our San Francisco trip last Thursday evening, but even so. We’re home!

Boy, what a trip. We had such a blast spending a full week together (can’t speak for both of us, I know, but seemingly so) and touring a new city. It was so relaxing being in cooler weather, plenty of sunshine, and barely needing a jacket every day. Michael was able to unwind and we made a pact, going in, that we wouldn’t bring up either of the Forbidden Words: work and school. We, instead, replaced those with things like: sightseeing, BART, shorts, sandals, and plenty of cocktails, city life, Bridges. Also, Ghiradelli Square and the Infamous Sundaes and ice cream treats. Do I really need to say more?

[OK. I had two of them. NOT in one day!]

Far away from the comforts of home, my workout space, my familiar foods that keep me lean and eating clean, my bed… I couldn’t do TOO much to control my environment on my vacation. The inner Control Freak inside me was anxious to come home and see a +3 on the scale, like from so many vacations and trips in the past. I get so frustrated with not being able to control my food and my regular exercise schedule that I mentally give-in and let loose to all things starchy carb and drizzled in sauce. I feel like a failure, so I might as well blow it BIG TIME.

But not this time.

Each day was filled with succulent, rich meals and I didn’t keep track of a single calorie. I had drinks or dessert everyday while we were there. I had to mentally give myself permission to eat WHATEVER I wanted, but to have a very small, reasonable amount. That meant that for two of the days, those Sundaes were my lunch. With that token, we chose NOT to rent a car for the majority of the trip, so we hoofed it all over town. The third day, we even walked to The Golden Gate Bridge from Pier 39 and back. For those who aren’t California locals… that’s 12 miles.

I felt more peace indulging when we were being so active everyday. Two of the mornings, I even hit the hotel mini-gym while Michael would sleep in. I’ve committed the P90X Legs and Back routine to memory so I pulled the moves out of my head and away I went. Even with the calorie burn, something in my head was still nagging that I’d come home and my clothes would be tight; that I’d be so used to all of the butter, cream, chocolate, sugar, salt… and revert back to my old ways.  Just the opposite was true, however. Once I made it back to my apartment, I was happily frying up some egg whites and spinach, steamed kale, with plenty of my favorite hot salsa.

Back on track.

Going on this trip gave me a good taste as to how living with or being married to Michael would be, and I have to say… I LOVED IT.

Also, we got to drive up to Napa Valley and had my very first wine tasting at a vineyard. We hadn’t eaten for about 5-6 hours prior the tasting, so by the 3rd or 4th sample, oh boy, was I feeling it. I purchased my own bottle of Cabernet Blanc and will hopefully get to share it with the man soon.

All in all, incredible trip. I want to slowly incorporate some dessert and “treat” foods back into my diet soon and have it be OK. I need to wrap my head around it, though, and that I can have ONE slice of cheesecake instead of the full tin.

San Fran, I’ll be back, and with dessert spoon in tow.

xxo. A


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