TGIF and Friday Fill-Ins

“When in doubt, do nothing.” And when I lose my train of thoughts on WHAT to post about, these handy scripts come into use. I sure do love get-to-know-you games, don’t you?


And…here we go!

1. For the first time, I don’t have a load of stress on my shoulders about staying on track with my eating. I’m learning better just to pick healthy recipes, make them, enjoy them, and listen to hunger cues!
2. Last Friday night  when I went out with a group of girlfriends for sushi al fresco, drinks, and to see “Magic Mike” is  easily one of my best memories of the summer so far.
3. My recipe for thai stir fry is one of my favorites because the delicious new dipping sauce (all organic) that Michael and I threw into the shopping cart on a whim.
4. I want to still be this over-the-heels in love with Michael for years to come.
5. It starts with a look, then a smile, saying your Hello’s, and getting to know and appreciate each other.
6. Sunset Lavender is a fragrance I enjoy most in a candle.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to happy hour cocktails with the SatSLC gals, dancing with Michael, and taking it easy, tomorrow my plans include Les Mills PUMP “Pump Revolution,” cooking a meal from scratch, pedicures, and Sunday, I want to spend the entire rainy day, under the covers!


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