Bon Voyage

Tomorrow marks 5 months of dating with Michael and it’s been a whirlwind adventure getting to know the man he is, the goals he has for himself, his family. His Mom has been exceptionally kind since the beginning and I already feel like a part of the family. Such a nice change to be with a guy who’s parents not only approve of our relationship, but embrace it, and genuinely welcome me with wide open arms. This was especially important to me because, let’s not beat around the bush, if we DO get married in a few years, it’s critical for me to have a good relationship with his parents. I never had that before. You don’t just marry the man; you also marry into the family.

To celebrate the relationship… heck, just to get away for a while, we’ve planned a week-long trip to San Francisco in two weeks. I’ve never been the to city myself, but have wanted to go for years. Our second trip together (first was seeing the Ring of Fire Eclipse in Southern Utah with two of his buddies) and I’m excited to spend a full week with just him, no computers along, and no work or school work to catch up. Just us. If anyone needs and deserves a break, it’s Michael. He works full time, then rushes right off to the university to work on more research for his PhD. When finally home after a 12 hour day, he turns on his desktop to continue writing his dissertation and work presentations. To put it frankly, the guy doesn’t just work full-time. He works almost all of the time. It’s proving to be much more stress than he can handle. After some medical issues, he’s scaling back to just working after-work during the week and taking the weekends completely off. Thank God for that! I really worry about him sometimes. I understand that he wants to be be everything, do everything, accomplish it all… but when your health begins to struggle, isn’t that a huge sign that something doesn’t add up?

That’s just who Michael is. He wants the most out of life, and I realize that once he completes his doctorate degree, life is going to calm down quite a bit. He wants the most for me, too. He’s always inquiring as to how my Beachbody business is going, helped push me to complete my website (finally), makes sure I’m still pursing things that I love and cherish, like my oil painting, running races (he’s always there with his Canon in tow), seeing my family. He’s got an incredible memory (almost too good at times) and is genuinely interested in making sure that I’m living my best life. This is still so new to me, to have a guy who checks up on every facet of my life, not because I owe him something… but because he actually cares. He knows these things make me incredibly happy and fulfilled in my life. He loves watching me excel in my life.

So, anyway. Back to San Francisco. I’d love to have your tips on places to visit, museums to see, places to walk to, places to eat at. I want to experience as much as possible!






One thought on “Bon Voyage

  1. Go enjoy an early dinner (before the rush–so you get a window seat!) at the Cliff House Bistro. The bacon-crusted salmon served on a bed of sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes is a modest portion and incredible! A few years ago I dined here with my aunt, brother, sister-in-law, and sister… none of paid attention what we ordered. Imagine our surprise when the food arrived and the three sibs had all ordered this dish. It’s fabulous! My aunt had halibut (and loved it) and my sis-in-law ate their stroganoff (and raved about it). And if you get a window seat, your view is the Pacific Ocean. Gorgeous. That’s my two cents, m’dear. 🙂

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