What I Know For Sure

I feel like I was late for the train as far as the whole Oprah Winfrey-craze goes. Being the open liberal that she is and having grown up in a extremely Republican household, the Oprah Winfrey Show was on a do-not-watch-list that I had no control over. Apparently, my folks were worried about the possibility of brainwashing and allowing me to think on my own and make judgements. At the time, I didn’t really think two things about the appeal of the show, either, and growing up, I wasn’t much of a talk-show girl. Or soap operas. Or game shows, sports, and could never stay awake long enough for late-night comedians. That pretty much allowed me to simply sink my adolescent teeth into things featured on Disney or Nickelodeon.

I finally caught an episode or two of the OWS just as her final season was closing (how’s that for fashionably late?), but decided to check out an O Magazine from the newsstands. This wasn’t my usual Cosmo, InStyle, or even Glamour magazine. This was something on a whole other level. It seemed as though I finally found a publication where I could relate to something on every page. So refreshing!

Two years have passed since my first issue and I’ve been a diligent subscriber for 18 months now. Out of all the advice columns, fashion pages, beauty advice, and recipes, my favorite feature, by far, has been Oprah’s own “What I Know For Sure” page at the end of each issue. It’s what I look forward to the most. It seems like the perfect way to close each issue, brings you back to basics, and gives a lesson on life. In inspiration, I wanted to write out my own. Even still in my early 20s, I feel as though I’ve experienced a lot and have had many lessons to learn. So, my friends, this is What I Know for Sure:

  • Dating after divorce doesn’t get any easier, but it does get better. Butterflies return (and perhaps more powerful than ever in your life) and you’ve learned better about what you will and won’t accept in a relationship. Also, it’s wonderful to meet guys who aren’t into playing games, either. Do you like me? Good. Tell me.
  • You become more patient with other people, including yourself, as time goes on, and suddenly you aren’t so concerned with how fast others may be speeding through life, but you’re enjoying the view of the ride from your own seat.
  • Grudges seem like a stupid waste of time and I now think constantly about my favorite words from my Grandpa Black, who always said, “Will this event matter 5 years from now? Why carry it on for another 5 minutes then?”
  • Love can be sweeter the second time in the right place and with the right person.
  • The last 6 bites of a dessert taste the exact same as the first 3. I’m learning to be satisfied with just a taste (with the exception of my birthday).
  • Calories still count on your birthday. And your anniversary. And Christmas. And when no one’s looking. Especially then.
  • Best friends can form over one weekend. Old friends can rekindle that same friendship in a matter of seconds.
  • Being at home by yourself is perfectly okay and you never have to suck it up and go out on a Friday just because “everyone else is.” It seems like most people aren’t.
  • Working out in the early morning makes my whole day go better. I am much less likely to fall into a bad mood, snap at someone, or put off important tasks if I first take care of my fitness and health.
  • No one really knows the true meaning of life and those who claim to know it are full of it. Life is what you make it. Whatever you put into it, you’ll eventually get out. Karma, baby.
  • Eating good food makes my body feel good. And the opposite is true, also, no matter how many times I have to relearn this.
  • Just when I think I’ve reached my limit, I can always give just a little bit more.

And basically, my blog readers and subscribers could very be my friends in real life, too, simply because you’re here. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “What I Know For Sure

  1. I can totally relate to the whole sheltered life thing. It’s like hitting a brick wall at 80 mph once you get out into the real world. What I wouldn’t give for having been more experienced and educated on life instead of being spoon-fed what they wanted me to know.

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