Update, Update, Update

Week one Paleo mission: Completed!

I feel so good. The first two days were kind of exhausting- both from giving up artificial sweeteners (sugar-free gum, mints) and having oatmeal everyday like habit. I felt sleepy and a little restless and angry at the same time. I’m sure I was a blast to deal with (sorry, parents! Haha!). Once I got over that initial hump, my energy surged. That has to be the best way to describe how I felt and am feeling now! I was worried going into this that I’d be craving grains  so bad that I’d be sneaking into my kitchen (can you even call it sneaking when you live by yourself? Who’s going to tattle on me- my cat?) and gorge myself on quinoa, corn, and pasta up the wazoo.

But, nope! 🙂 I’m stoked about that. And actually, here’s the craziest part to me- I don’t even long for them or find them appealing when I think about them. Yeah, I know, you’re thinking, “Okay. Where did AMY go? More than a week ago, she was subsisting on oatmeal alone pretty much. Who’s blog am I really reading here? Where am I?” But, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the gospel truth.

Since I’m training for both a 10 mile race and a half marathon, I’ve put thought into where I want my carbs to go and have upped the fruit intake, but keep it all low glycemic. I’m sticking with berries and apples and make sure to eat them each with plenty of protein on the side. I’ve found so much strength and camaraderie when I read about other Paleo people. Our biggest difference is that I’m not a CrossFitter (or ever will be. But more on that later). We’ve all dealt with concerned and skeptical family members who wonder why we’re not helping ourselves to a 5th dinner roll, or twirling pasta along with them (which I never quite figured out how to anyway). Simply put, I like to say, “I eat meat and veggies,” and who could possibly argue with that? Before this and especially now, I’ve never been a salad girl. I’d rather grill up an awesome piece of fish and have plenty of asparagus on the side. I want food to fill me and nourish me not “get me by.”

So here goes week two, my friends. As I get deeper into HM training, I’ll be adding a few more energy chews in during long runs. Feeling and looking great and abs are -dare I say it- making a reappearance.

Can I get a WOOHOO?!

Here I am, brunette, and wandering in the desert like a prehistoric damsel in distress. LOL

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