The Cavewoman Within

Leave it to my relaxed mind on vacation in paradise. 84 degrees, wandering aimlessly all over the island of Maui in a swimsuit & barefeet (mostly), carrying a club (pool noodle) at times…

But, lo and behold, fast forward thousands of years and the lady’s equipped with civilized manners AND and iPad 2! I’m ready for another new change in my life, by terms of cleaning up my diet even more so. My fallback crave food are all things carbs: baked, smothered in icing, homemade, or even all three. The more I have, the more I want- plain and simple.

I know from past programs, P90X and Insanity: The Asylum specifically, that when I had a full 30 or 90 day plan laid out in black and white terms, day-by-day, that I 1. saw faster results and 2. didn’t have time to stress about recipe finding, macronutrient ratio balancing, and keeping my head on straight for the workout itself. The process was already well-thought-out for me. Beautiful.

The past few days, I’ve done a lot of research on both Paleo and Primal styles of eating and I’m intrigued and have begun testing it out on my own. In fact, today is day 2 of my 30 day commitment. The beauty of being a health and fitness freak (and personal trainer) is being your own guinea pig when it comes to both new nutirition and novel workout ideas. Why should I suggest you to do anything at all if I haven’t done it myself?

While Primal/Paleo isn’t focused on being low-carb, it naturally works out to be that way. The gold stone of this style of eating- the main point of the whole sha-bang – is that you’re eating like a hunter-gather: lean meat, fruit, nuts, plenty of veggies, healthy fats, and seafood. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Notice how I didn’t mention anything man-made: bread, pasta, Splenda, alcohol, Cheetos… Cinnabon… My ONE exception (if you could even call it that) is, of course, Shakeology. Zero processing, only whole foods, high in animal protein (I’m sticking to my beloved chocolate flavor) makes it fit in my mind. Three years strong now and I haven’t missed one day; not giving it up now, not ever.

This has been the way out of a recent rut I found myself in- making my “eating clean” attempts slightly too loose. Two cups a day of oatmeal is overkill, especially in route to those washboard abs I’m after. With each addicting spoonful, I dug myself further into a soft, squishy abdomen that I didn’t want. Sad, too, was that oatmeal isn’t filling in the least; I didn’t stay satisfied for more than an hour. My squishy stomach became a bottomless pit, ready to take over every Quaker factory on the planet.

Food should nourish you, satisfy you, but *fill you up*. At each meal, there SHOULD be an “end point” where you can go about your active lifestyle with energy to burn and NOT a rumbling stomach, ready for more grains.

“But, Amy, what about whole grains? Haven’t you read Fitness/Women’s Health/Self/other commercially run magazine source- “they” say that whole grains are a MUST if you want to lose weight and keep it off?” These are also the same magazines that promote Skinny Cow ice cream as a Top 50 Healthiest Snack, no matter the high fructose corn syrup, endless sugar grams, and non-organic dairy. Don’t believe everything a glossy magazines spits out as the gospel truth. I smell a Big Corp marketing ploy.

I’m not saying that everyone should drop the proverbial biscuit and eat Paleo with me; simply that this is something I’m testing out for myself because it makes sense to me. Being an apple shape, I gain weight in my middle (stomach and hips) so much faster than anywhere else. You know what fuels belly fat? Insulin spikes, caused from processed carbs. I’d prefer to get my carbs the truly natural way: plenty of nutrient-rich veggies and fruit.

I’ll be checking in routinely about my meals, my results each week and where things stand. I still won’t be eating any red meat- I did see Food Inc. after all. As far as chicken and eggs go: only organic, grass fed, non-hormone sources for this chick (pun intended).

Aloha and peace out, my friends!



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