In All Honesty

It comes with the job. As a personal trainer and Beachbody Coach, part of my tasks include looking the part.

It only makes sense. Why should other people care enough to change, get in shape, lose the weight, transform their lives, if I didn’t lead my life as an example of what can I be done with consistent workouts and healthy eating? Now that would be bogus. I’m literally like a walking, breathing billboard of fitness, of what a healthy lifestyle can look like. I make sure to post my daily workouts on Facebook everyday, keep my posts on the up and up because I want to be percieved as a super positive person. I definitely am, but I’ve got bad days just like anyone else. I don’t intend to put up a strong front, like everything in my world is just so peachy all the time when it’s not. I just choose not to put extra negativity out in the world around us. Why do I need to waste time doing that? But, unfortunately, because of this, too many people (my customers included) get the wrong idea about me- that I’ve always got it all together, that I’m forever motivated to eat clean and go go go with my workout everyday.

Um, I wish. I really do. Wouldn’t that be the life? I waited a full month later before even mentioning that Chris and I were split up and the divorce was going through the court. I don’t see the point in getting online just to complain or look for a free hand out of pity. I have my friends for support and those people hear from me (constantly, I might add) via text, phone calls, and in-person visits. They are the ones I’ll happily dump my problems on. That’s our relationship- we’re there for each other emotionally like that.

I wanted to expose (I guess that’s the right word for the moment) a few things about me that most people probably don’t know: things I still struggle with, things I’m still working on everyday, and vices (both good and bad) that I still have.

Ready? Okay, here we go!

1. Everyday, it seems, I have an urge to binge (level of intensity differs based on what’s stressing me out), but for the majority of the time (28 days out of the month, generally), I can get away with more productive behaviors. I remind myself of how far I’ve come and looking at some of my “before” photos is an EASY way to remind myself that binging/emotionally eating/disordered eating is what caused my past obesity in the FIRST PLACE. Also, I always remind myself how awful, how guilty, how bloated I feel after I do give into a binge. I haven’t solved anything. I’m further away from my goals. And I’m stuffed silly. See where I’m going with this? Bloated and even more stressed.

2. Many days of the week, I play that mental war with myself when it comes time to get my workout done. Generally, I’m still in my sweats and slippers, working away at the computer already, catching up on emails to customers, answering questions about Shakeology and/or any of the Beachbody workouts, communicating with my Challenge group participants, or logging today’s TO DO list. 9:30am rolls around and I check out what I have already writen down and scheduled for the day’s workout and so it begins: “Aggh, my hamstrings are still super sore from Legs and Back on Monday.” “Yes, but you’re working Shoulders and Arms today with P90X. What’s there to complain about now?” “I only got 6 hours of sleep last night. I’m not fully awake yet.” “You ran a half marathon on 4 hours of sleep. What now?” “Grrrr…. okay, fine… 5 minutes. Polyvore just added new collections to browse.” Crazy, right? But honestly, that’s what I go through day after day. There’ve been several times when I didn’t get around to doing my workout until MUCH later in the day (and sometimes, not at all. Those days, I improvise with a light walk around my complex). And until I do, that awful conversation continues between Fat Amy and Fit Amy. I just would like to shut them BOTH up and get on with my life sometimes.

3. I do, honestly, truthfully use Shakeology AND the Beachbody workout programs every. single. day. I have been for over 3 years now. I will continue to do so until I die someday. I recommend Shakeology and urge people to use it because it really is THE best out there on the market. If you’re looking for man-made chemical crap, companies supporting unfair farming practices, pesticides, bogus health claims, and so on and so forth, LOOK ELSEWHERE. None of that is in Shakeology or ever will be. Beachbody doesn’t cut corners in processing and it really has every single superfood ingredient on the nutritional label. I’ve done my homework, studied all other “health shakes” out there- Visalus, Herbalife, EAS, MuscleMilk, SlimFast, Gatorade (you get my picture)- and NOTHING even comes close. Nothing can compete with it. Shakeology really does provide all 9 servings of fruits and veggies that you need (and are not getting), probiotics for healthy digestion, the highest quality whey protein for muscle, equal balance of complex carbs, certified low-glycemic, lowers your cholesterol, low in REAL sugar, curbs your cravings for all that processed JUNK… and still allows you to lose weight because each serving is 140 calories. When you only eat the GOOD stuff, your body functions well, you stay healthy, your risk of all diseases drops significantly, and your life improves. Period. I won’t support or give in to other companies false claims of “earning my BMW” when someone’s HEALTH is on the line. I’ll earn my own BMW, thank you very much, and I’ll do it with all moral qualities still intact.

4. I understand the value of working out, mostly because it helps alleviate my anxiety and depression symptoms. I don’t need to rely on harsh chemical drugs (which don’t fix the problems in the beginning that MADE you depressed/anxious) that do more harm than good. I talk my problems out with the people who are there for me and get my sweat on. I’m high on life naturally and that’s the best way to be.I can totally feel a difference in my mood and perspective if I haven’t worked out yet. I become (more) impatient, less friendly, less happy, and less fun to be around. My family and friends know that. They’ll say, “Amy, get your flipping workout done and we’ll talk it out. Now, GO!” Thank God for them.

Perfection is such a false pretense, especially with me. Things are not always as they seem. I have problems just like any other Average Jane out there in the world. I simply just choose to fix them in constructive ways instead of with a spoon and fork. That’s where the difference lies.



One thought on “In All Honesty

  1. Thank you so much for this post. It’s nice to know that you struggle with everyday things like I do, it makes me want to be better! You are such an inspiration Amy! Love you!

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