New Horizons

As I’ve hinted about before, I now have a website in the works ( with a wonderful website development company in Arizona. I finally gave them the go-ahead about 2 weeks ago and then have now started production on the logo, graphics, and main “home” page. Yesterday, Darrel, the head creator on my project, called to give me a call on the updates and asked me if I’d be able to take a few more recent full-body shots to use in the background and some of my website’s features. This time, I need to focus on posing in front of a white wall with no objects, furniture behind me to make the work a little easier for them. So, tomorrow will be an impromptu living room photo shoot day. At this moment, I wish I had access to Chalene Johnson’s closet or even her personal stylist (or any personal stylist, for that matter) for an hour. I’m finally starting to understand the severity of the situation and how I want to pose (and look at ease, but professional), the clothes I want to wear, and how I want to appear to new and old customers from all of the (gulp) globe.


A journey that began over 3 years ago has snowballed into a successful at-home Beachbody Coaching business, a brand new career, a brand new college degree focus, new friends, and now I have this amazing opportunity (and blessing) to share my story and help with those all over the world. To say that’s mindblowing to me is an extreme understatement. I want more than anything to come across as the girl and trainer to reach out to, simply for the fact that I’ve lived for so long on that other side. I can sympathize and completely comprehend how others are feeling: overwhelmed, hopeless, helpless, and sprinting in circles, desperate for the rope to pull them out of this misery of being overweight and obese. These intelligent but misguided people are SICK AND TIRED of buying into the new fad diet guaranteeing them to lose 18 pounds in 2 weeks; they are repulsed at the sight of another spring-loaded ab contraption that slides nicely under their beds. Most are sick of going to the gym and seeing NO results. For these people, I know they are wondering, “How do I lose this weight and actually KEEP it off AND keep my sanity?”


I’ve been there.

To change your habits completely is to change who you ARE as a person completely. You are no longer that emotional person who turns to food to “fix” his/her problems. You are no longer that person who needs to pick apart everything they hate about themselves when they look in the mirror. There isn’t any room for self-hate when you are changing your life for the better. You change because you can begin to love and appreciate yourself and your life again.

I want to be the guiding light to these people and to people like that, all over this world. Everyone deserves to be STOKED about working out. Everyone deserves to have access to the best nutrition and health information available. Everyone deserves that second chance. That’s what I’m hoping to provide.


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