Blank White Canvas

Boxing up odds and ends in my bedroom, working hard on my fitness business (my website is currently under contruction and will be here soon! More details on soon…!), and getting new accounts to get power, internet and gas for my new apartment. Move in day is this Saturday and I have a lot of help coming to get all set up in a flash- I’m so thankful.

Here I am, new life about to begin and I feel as if I’m about to start a new oil painting. The canvas is laid out before me, smooth and white, ready for me to pick up my brushes and splash whatever colors I’d like all over it. I’m steadying my hand, considering the right strokes I’d like to make. Suddenly, I am the sole decision maker in my life. This is the first time I’ve ever had this amazing and scary opportunity. I’ll make my own routine, get back into my interests, take my business to whole new level, make new friends, and get my hands dirty, I’m sure. I’ll also be dealing with the stress of paying my way through life, which makes me nervous no matter HOW many times I write out my budget and look at my actual numbers. I’m going to be just fine but I still have my worries, you know?

I finally get my chance to be my own person and decide where my life goes from here. Remember- I got married just out of high school and never got this opportunity. I was always jealous of my friends who did.

My dreams include eventually living in sunny Santa Barbara, California; owning my own training facility; starting new baking projects; delving into my watercolor and oil painting again; writing and blogging; getting involved more in my Meetup groups and finding support all along the way.

Deciding which colors to paint on my new blank canvas. Here goes…


3 thoughts on “Blank White Canvas

  1. I like your blank canvas analogy. I always feel like I’m one of those old Italian painters who keeps adding and adding to the same canvas, then painting over it again when I’m not happy with the results! Hopefully we’ll both keep working on our masterpieces for many, many years. Good luck with all the business plans, sounds ambitious and awesome.

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