God, I really hate that word. And this week, I’ve had close to none. It’s now been one full week with this cold (first time I’ve been sick in over 3 years; it doesn’t happen that often for me), and I’m all about the nasal congestion, headache, runny nose, and a little bit of a cough. The sore throat is long gone, the fever is back to normal, and I’m trying my best to stay hydrated. I’m not good with taking medication- blame it on my awful gag reflexes, so when I take a little something, it usually kicks it and sends it flying, but not this time. I’m completely different from my mother, who will begin popping medicine at the even slightest tickle in her throat.

I guess I just have a hightened alertness for the ingredients that they put in the pills and keep my eyes and ears open for another news report or recall commercial that aires about our supposedly safe pharmaceutical administration. I guess I also like to heal things and prevent them rather than treat them with conventional medicine.

Anyway, so I was only able to get through 2 workouts in the past week (I’m now 4 days behind) and I’m playing headgames with myself. Once I’m feeling a little better, should I run doubles and do a workout in both the morning and at night, or do I just start from where I’m at and not finish my program schedule on time? Just when you’re trying to be structured and organized in life, the cold or flu bug crawls up and BITES YOU. Hard.

Back to the couch, where I can work from my iPad. Thank God for technology, Steve Jobs, and Apple. You’ve made this somewhat tolerable.




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