Taking it Easy

Yesterday was my rest day after 6 consecutive days of hard training. I showered, straightened my hair, and ran errands around the city all day. I’m getting the word out about another Weight Loss Challenge I’m holding on December 12th. I had the new flyers copied and had the little phone number slits cut on the bottom so people could tear my contact info, if they were interested in participating this time.

Last Challenge, we had a really fun time and my group had a lot of success! I reserve each group only for 5 very dedicated folks who are ready to work one-on-one with me. We figure out their goals, needs, wants, limitations, and then figure out the best at-home workout for them. I take my time going over the nutrition plan that comes with each (they are all different. For example, with the madness that is the Insanity workout, more complex carbohydrates are required for the energy to sustain the program. And for Brazil Butt Lift, it’s strictly about weight loss, so it’s a lower fat, lower carb plan with lots of cruciferous veggies and plenty of hydrating foods.) Each person has my cell phone number and can reach me at any point during these 90 days. We also have an exclusive Facebook group so they can throw ideas back and forth with each other, check in with their workout for the day, share about their food struggles and successes. I always have such a blast, meeting and getting to know and help new people! Everyone lost quite a bit of weight, and a lot of inches. But more than that, these 5 people left with the acknowledgement that they could do a lot more than they always thought they could. They leave with a new sense of confidence in themselves, their abilities, and a new lease on life.

I finished my long list of to-dos yesterday and by the end of the evening, I was ready to throw on my pajamas and crash on the couch. My throat began to burn a little, so I made myself some chamomile tea with some organic, raw honey. It helped a little and I was able to sleep through the night pretty peacefully. This morning, it feels a lot more sore and raw. It hurts to talk, so I’m probably taking another rest day today and spending the day at work, in front of my iMac. Hoping to feel better by this late afternoon so I can head out and post flyers at the local high schools and junior high’s. I’m very interested in helping the teachers and staff members at each public school around here to get healthy. They are, after all, an enormous example to the kids they teach.

Take care, everyone.




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