Recovery Week

Today begins Recovery Week from my first 30 days (or “phase 1”) of P90x, Round 3. Feeling stronger than ever and I’m stoked about that! Lifting 20-25 pounds and now able to do 11 consecutive pull-ups (no chair needed), either underhand or overhand. I honestly love the feeling of being able to pull my whole body up with just my arms… and repeatedly! Pushups are one thing, but when you can actually resist gravity completely and pull all 100 or 200 pounds of yourself up- that screams success in my eyes.

Workouts this week: Yoga X (and a 4 mile sprintwork run on the treadmill. Getting ready for my Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 10k. I want that PR so bad- aiming for under 50 minutes), Core Synergistics, Kenpo X, X Stretch, and more Yoga. I may add some leisure walks in there for a bit more cardio. Next week begins the intense strength training again. Yay!

Preparing for a great start for the next Phase of 30 days. BRING IT!




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