Downsizing and Upgrading

Ever since I started shopping in a size 4 and small, I’ve been endlessly trying to rid my closet of all of the bigger clothing. It seems I shrunk faster than I could possibly wear the things I kept buying, and so many of my fat clothes still have the price tags in them. Most of them, I only wore maybe 2-3 times each.

I’m now in the process of selling them/giving them away/donating them. This has definitely been a better thing for me mentally than the actually giving away of the clothing. Mentally (and emotionally) I’m riding myself of the burden of “just in case” I happen to balloon back up to 207 pounds. I’m riding myself of the chance I’d let that happen again. I’m consciously (and without speaking) saying, “This is part of my past. It isn’t who I am any longer. I’m not defined by a 16, a 14, or even an 8.”

My first attempt at selling my clothes didn’t go over too well. Chris and I set up a yard sale back on a beautiful August Saturday morning, arranged the stacks of pants, hung up all of the dresses, folded the tops. We had everything set out to sell… and not many people showed. I was expecting (as naive as I am) to perhaps sell all of it (all 8 large stacks) that day, for probably around $8 a top, which I didn’t think was too high a price because I take really good care of my clothes. I wore most of these items to work functions, to dinner parties, on dates with Chris, nights out on the town, and to church. All that still didn’t matter though. Only 3 pieces sold.

Okay, so new tactic. Last week, I googled consignment shops in Salt Lake City and found a small little location downtown, called Uptown Cheapskate. I loaded up 2 big Whole Foods paper bags full of clothes and tried my luck with them. The front desk manager rummaged through my two bags as I wandered around the store. UC claims to offer at least 25% of retail value when purchasing clothes from patrons, so I was pretty excited. Most of the clothing in the two bags were valued between $26-$80 a pop. Twenty minutes pass by and the guy calls me up to the front desk. Out of everything, he only wants 2 items and is offering me $6 total for them. (!) I was pretty surprised/shocked/disappointed, but agreed and walked out with my change.

So here I am with stacks and stacks of clothes to get rid of, things I’m trying to purge from my past, and I can’t seem to get someone to bite. I’m going to keep looking at other consignment shops and perhaps will end  up donating them at DI and writing it off on my taxes- who knows. I’m just hoping to perhaps get some reasonable offer so I can begin to build a new wardrobe. It isn’t so fun to finally be confident in my body and want to be out with others more if I swim in the clothes I have.


2 thoughts on “Downsizing and Upgrading

  1. You have done such an amazing job on your journey. I used your creative postname as an inspiration for my latest post. I haven’t lost you, but you may have lost me in the transition. I’m at now. Love your story!

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