Restful body, Restless Mind

Breathe in. Breathe out. Ahhhh.

Somehow, I’m just not one of those types who particularly enjoys a rest week from intense exercise. While my muscles are restoring, rebuilding, and getting stronger and fueling up for the next batch of madness… my mind falters. I’ve become this person who just can’t sit still for 15 minutes without watching the clock tick and my mind is just pacing back and forth. Must have movement.

Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that I also don’t like these weeks or days off during the week because I feel guilty and I’m even irrationally scared that somehow the weight will come back on. Good lord. My muscles are saying, “thank you, Amy. Thank you for working us out, for utilizing us to our best potential. And also, thank you for resting, too, because that’s where the magic happens.” And my mind likes to make me think, “How dare you. Don’t you realize that taking days/weeks off leads to lower calories burned, which leads to increases on the scale, which leads to having to wear your fat clothes again. You don’t want that. You definitely don’t want that.”

I almost have to be in constant reminder with myself that it’s all part of the equation.

Thankfully, I’ve found ways to move my body and get that endorphin rush that I so badly need and crave, that accomplished feeling. Ways that also don’t give me that lactic acid fix that I crave (acknowleged junkie. And for those who don’t know what I’m talking about- hello, Google!). Today is day 3 of rest week and I’ve got to manage getting to Saturday before my next round of P90X begins. Yesterday, I got out and went to the local high school track and walked 2 miles. It was just me, my iPod on shuffle, cloudless, blue skies, and my moving feet. I must say this- walking feels incredibly slow when you’re so used to running. I had to hold back a few times when I wanted to turn it into an interval workout with sprints. Thankfully, I wasn’t wearing the right shoes for that. Priorities, priorities.

So today, it’ll be Yoga X from P90X or another 2 mile walk. Wish me luck.


One thought on “Restful body, Restless Mind

  1. I find myself getting a bit stir crazy on “non-gym” days as well. I have really come to *love* it…more than I ever thought I would. As much as it makes me feel good (great, really), I think I love it even more so because of the people. I am a people person. I will talk your head off if you look even *remotely* interested in the jibberish flowing out of my mouth. LOL – So, the gym is an excellent place to chat it up with all kinds of people – while getting healthy! 😉 So…you’re certainly not alone feeling restless.


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