Shooting the Moon

I never considered myself an example, someone to aspire to be, someone to look up to. If anything, I had my own overflowing list of people that I wanted to take after, to be more like.

I religiously read training magazines like Oxygen, Women’s Health, Fitness,  and Shape and by far, Oxygen magazine is the BEST overall- most accurate information. No fad diets here: just clean eating (in full definition of the term) and women’s training, both weights and cardio. They don’t try to pull one over on you with scripts like “Lose 12 pounds in a WEEK!” or “Drop a dress size eating whatEVER you want!” They feature the most fit (and feminine) fitness models around, most of them IFBB Contest Professionals, with rock-solid abs, glutes, and built arms to boot. Along with P90X, this magazine constantly refreshes my mind of what I really want to look like, to aspire to be like. I no longer lust after a “skinny” body so much as a truly fit one. I’m still so proud being one of the only women in the weight lifting area, lifting heavy, dropping for military push-ups, and I’m not shy when it comes to the pull-up bar. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and each time I train, my abilities increase.

That’s what this magazine so perfectly exemplifies to me. They give it to you straight, to bull crap, no false hope. They assure women that getting the lean, built physique you’re after isn’t aquired solely in the gym, but mostly in the kitchen. They care about the nutrient data of a food, not just the carbs or calories. Oxygen is about great health. For the rest of your life.

Now you see why I was stoked when I heard from one of the magazine’s editors that they want to feature my success story in their Fat Loss section of the magazine (!!!!!). I got a phone call Friday evening, inquiring more about my training habits, my favorite clean meals, my motivational quotes, ect. I was in such shock! She gave me her company email address and requested some new pictures for the “after” segment.

So this morning, I woke up early, put on my makeup, slid on my skinny jeans and had my husband take some new “after” pictures for me to submit to Marie (the editor) this afternoon. We shot about 5-6; some in jeans, some in workout clothes. Some in exercise poses, some smiling for the camera. I’m really excited about how they came out. Mostly, I’m excited to be part of such a quality magazine. The women who read and subscribe to this (like I do) truly understand the way to a fit and fabulous body. There’s no easy way. But there’s a right way.



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