Cups Half Empty

One of the downsides of decreasing fat mass and increasing lean muscle mass, especially for women’s bodies, is that along with your arms, legs, butt, and stomach getting smaller, you also begin to lose chest cup-size. Ladies, I’m sure you’ve noticed this, too. Along with trading in your fat clothes for new, smaller clothes, you’ve had to lose a bra size or two. Suddenly, you’ve got gapping going on and soon enough, you’ll give in and shop for a new one in a size smaller.

All I can say right now, is thank God for good bras- pushups, underwire, supportive bands, the works! Victoria’s real Secret must be the ability to make any chest look great in clothes (and without).

Guys won’t understand this, but for women, being “satisfied” with their current chest size means feeling feminine, attractive, and yes, even sexy. They give you confidence to try new styles of outfits, to feel up-to-par among your peers, to feel like a “real” woman.

Taking off 72 pounds, I’ve lost around 2 cup sizes and at first, I was excited to shop for new and smaller clothes. It felt like a victory I’d won and a fun excuse for a couple trips to both Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s. Along with a smaller sizee, lean body mass tends to create a new shape, as well. Over time, you go from being really full and lifted to… oh, not so much. This ties in to my previous post about the thought of body contouring, of plastic surgery, and accepting and loving my body for what it is- no matter the shape or size.

But I can’t help but look and stare- I’ve noticed for a long time that figure competitors (female) and other women who have gotten really lean for muscle definition and competitions (even fitness trainers) tend to jump at the idea of a boob job. For the mass you lose while losing weight and inches, you can replace with salene and silicone. They want to maintain that feminine look, but by no means the “natural” way. You see them gracing the covers of fitness and women’s magazines, with breasts the size of melons and a waist the size of my thigh.

Seriously? We're falling out here!



I can’t speak for every single person, though. Many times, the surgeon and the patient have picked out the “right” size that fits their skeletal frame and body.

As important as it is now for me to “look the part” as a fitness professional, my body is my ultimate advertisement of a trained, fit physique. There’s a line to cross between loving what you got- smaller chest and all, for the pride of knowing you’ve created the body you have. You’ve earned it. It’s a tough industry to be in because we are expected to be in top form- all. Of. The. Time.

I can’t say I haven’t conisdered having a boob job, but I have so many pros and cons to both sides. It may be something I look into in the future, but for right now, I’m happy being me. 100%.


2 thoughts on “Cups Half Empty

  1. I’m probably in the minority here, but I can only *hope* I lose two cup sizes as I lose weight…heck, I’d even pray for more! 😉 The last time I was fitted (back in January) I was a 38K. Honestly, I didn’t even realize the cups went up that high. There was about 13 inches of a difference between my bust measurement and my band measurement. I was afraid that as I lost weight, the bust measurement would stay pretty much the same, but my band would shrink (which would cause an *increase* in my cup size – YIKES!). Thankfully, that does not seem to be the case. I have already lost over 2 inches from my bust measurement, and I hope to continue seeing a loss there.

  2. I am a total wuss when it comes to needles and knives! Good for you doing it the old fashioned way – you’ve earned it! Amazing how I can feel so cut and slim one day and then one dish of whole wheat egg noodle pesto with onions, mushrooms, peas and tomatoes and I feel like I just totally blimped out!

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