Late to the Party

This year (at the least the last 6 months), I made it my mission to try brand new foods, things I would’ve have dared to eat when I was 207 pounds. “Ew, it’s GREEN and healthy looking!” Yeah, so?

I keep my ears and eyes open while watching Dr. Oz, or reading Yoga Journal magazine,  or when I’m reading posts from some of my Fitness Competitor Goddess friends. Whole Foods has become the ultimate adventure playground for me, trying out new items like egg plant (awesome for grilling), coconut milk (totally a believer now), polenta (great substitute in veggie lasagnas), bok choy, to fu, and a whole host of fresh herbs that add the most fantastic flavor to dishes. Who needs all the excess preservatives and junk that come from extremely processed, man-made anti-foods? Not me. I’m learning to actually work my way around the kitchen! (Aren’t you so proud, Mom? You knew I’d come around someday!)

I keep a running list of new items I want/need to try to keep things fresh and to perhaps add to my everyday regime. Currently on the list: shiritaki noodles, wheat berries, and chickpeas.

For months now, it seems I’ve been hearing other people just rave about something called Ezekiel bread, so I put it on my list of must-gets while at Whole Foods. I stopped by on Friday this week, browsing through the bakery section and the aisles of gluten-free loaves, wheat-free sandwich bread, and still couldn’t find it. I asked the woman behind the bakery counter where I could find it, and she kind of smirked at the question. “Oh, Ezekiel bread? We keep that in the freezer. Follow me.” The freezer? What on earth is it doing in there? Don’t you have room in this section for it… why do we need to subject it to freezer burn? I thought of my Mom during our family’s Food Storage Age and how whenever bread went on sale, she promptly stocked up on 5 or 6 loaves, freezing all but one to preserve it for later.

The woman, named Colleen, educated me on the fact that since Ezekiel bread is made without flour or sugar and contains (this blew my mind) living grains, the freezer was the best place to store it. Goodness! In my head, I was picturing the hand character from the Adam’s Family, crawling across my breakfast plate as I try my best to smear some honey on it. I picked out the low-sodium kind, noticing the others: cinnamon raisin, honey, and a few others. Hmm.

I brought it home and was eager to see what all the fuss was about. I pulled the tab and popped 2 slices in my toaster, then I added a smidge of almond butter and went in. Delicious! And hearty! And filling! What have I been missing?

I can totally see what my friends were going on about. At only 80 calories a slice, lower carbs, and no sugar, this will fit perfectly into my daily diet. I have a new love and I’m on the hunt again!


3 thoughts on “Late to the Party

  1. I have never heard of Ezekiel bread, but may have to give it a try. Your post is very encouraging… I will admit I’m in a food rut, trying to stick with what I know is healthy, but getting bored with chicken, brown rice, and yogurt. I’m going to try some of your suggestions.

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